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NSS Cell - University of Mumbai and SNDT University

United Way of Mumbai involved NSS students of Mumbai University in various activities of United Way Mumbai Helpline for making city of Mumbai safer, cleaner and a better place to live in

More than 100 colleges across the city of Mumbai were involved in major city wide activities of United Way Mumbai Helpline such as:

  • Youth for Healthy Mumbai 2010: A city wide campaign for spreading awareness on monsoon ailments such as Malaria, Dengue etc.
  • Clean-Up Mumbai Camapign: Clean-Up drives, Awarness and Sensitatisation Drives on the theme of cleanliness, Clean-Railway Stations Campaign
  • Disaster Response and Management Trainings
  • Jal Mela 2010: aimed to spread awareness on water supply system of Mumbai, importance of water conservation and management, Rain Water Harvesting etc.
  • Special Initiatives such as MEMEx 2010: NSS student volunteers participated in the exercise on community disaster preparedness and response

Involvement of NSS units of various colleges across city of Mumbai has gone a long way in improving the state of disaster preparedness and civic issues in the city of Mumbai. Not only were the students able to make a contribution to society, these initiatives proved to be learning opportunities for the students that gave them ample exposure. Based on these successes, United Way Mumbai Helpline plans to work in close collaboration with NSS in the coming year.