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Sanchayan Society

16, Vikram Vihar Extn., Lajpat Nagar - Part 4, New Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi, India, 110024
Founded Year: 2009
Cause category: Education
Charity Bib Status: Sold Out
About NGO:

Sanchayan seeks to fortify the financial inclusion and outreach efforts made by MFIs, SHGs, NGOs and Corporates by complementing these with value-added financial literacy programs. Sanchayan has developed financial literacy modules to respond to the needs of the urban and rural poor to enable them to better appreciate financial products and services available and leverage these in their financial planning, thus seeking to achieve financial security in the long run.

Fund Usage:
  1. Reaching out to increased number of disadvantaged youth, women and low income adults through financial literacy and financial inclusion programs
  2. Working capital for Sanchayan Suraksha Point(SSP) - Urban Slum Financial Literacy Project
  3. Development of regional content for financial literacy modules (Never before done in (India)

Yash, a 15 year old student has collected Rs. 1,000 in his piggy bank. He is quite excited as he plans to buy a new pair of shoes. Yash may not understand the significance of spending Rs.1,000 now rather than saving it, but he does know the value of money, considering that it took him more than 3 months to save this amount.

In life, you have to make many decisions that will affect your future. An important decision is whether or not you will take your money seriously and be financially responsible. Preparing the next generation for future challenges is a big responsibility. With countries defaulting and facing economic crisis, the complexities of managing finances are out in the open!

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