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Sparsha Charitable Trust

A-5, Room No 17, Bmc Colony , Rawali Camp ,near Samaj Mandir Hall, Opp. Sardar Nagar Bmc School, Sardar Nagar, Sion Koliwada, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400022
Founded Year: 2000
Cause category: Social, Civic & Community Development
Telephone: 9223290796
Charity Bib Status: Not Available
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About NGO:

The vision of 'Sparsha Charitable Trust' is "Creating an empowered future generation through education".

The Mission of 'Sparsha Charitable Trust' is to "Provide educational support to enable children to reach their optimum potential"

One of Sparsha´s approach is to work together with the parents, since the parents are in charge of the childhood and education of their children. Sparsha runs the "Parents Counselling Programme" and "Community Outreach Programme" by counselling the parents to understand the importance of their children´s education and by supporting them to get the children enrolled in school.

Due to the lack of learning support, Sparsha´s runs the "Learning Support Programme" by providing the children of disadvantaged communities with, a scholastic and non-scholastic curriculum in various learning centres within the communities.

Sparsha also supports children (16+) who are dropped out of school at an early age to work, however when they grew up they felt the urge to get educated and want to study at their own will. For this age group Sparsha runs the "Distance Learning Programme" to support in the admission procedure and give learning support for the exams.

By helping Sparsha, you are allowing children to access their basic necessities - "LOVE, CARE, PROTECTION & EDUCATION."

Fund Usage:

"Psycho social support Programme"

The material needs and rights of children are related to food, clothing, shelter, health and education, which often receives a widespread attention while the child's right to be cared for, loved, encouraged and protected are often left out of the spotlight.

Psychosocial support is a continuum of love, care, protection and encouragement that enhances the cognitive, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of a child and strengthens their social and cultural connectedness. Effective psychosocial support enhances individual, family and community competencies and positively influences both the individual and the social environment in which people live. In essence, psychosocial wellbeing is a building block of both individual and community development.

If children are to thrive and grow, especially in difficult circumstances, there is a need to focus greater attention and resources in children's emotional and social – their psychosocial- well-being.

Psychosocial support is love, care and protection; it is support for the emotional and social aspects of a child's life, so that they can live with hope and dignity. We wanted to create special stream for psycho social development of our 350 kids.

The funds raised by the donor´s support will be used to provide Sparsha beneficiaries with their daily services and programs: -

  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Special psycho social therapy Training's for parents, teachers & close attached group of the child.
  • Children Documentation & Assistance

Rehana Shabir Shaikh, 16 years

Rehana, from the community of Kokari Agar was not allowed to attend school due to her parents not believing in education. About 4 years ago when Sparsha has opened a Learning Center in Kokari Agar, she used to just come around to play with the children.
When she came to the center and saw the other children study, she got interested to learn reading and writing herself. Sparsha discovered her great talents in writing and she even became a mentor for the younger children.

However she was still not allowed to attend school. Sparsha took the initiative to counsel her mother, who then agreed for her to attend a school in the close neighborhood. Since Rehana has already acquired some education in the learning center, Sparsha has enrolled her in the 5th Standard in the "S.K.Roy Memorial High School" where she past her SSC with 63% in March this year.

After passing her SSC, Sparsha counseled Rehana in finding her future dream job, which is to become a teacher.
Again Sparsha supported Rehana to convince her parents that she can continue her education.
Sparsha enrolled Rehana in the "SIES College of Arts" and even her mother ensures today that she attends the lessons continuously.

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