MILT Charitable Trust, Bombay

Dr Ashok Khanvte, Avanti Diagnostics & Surgery, 66-s.j.marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400013
Founded Year: 1993
Cause category: Education
Telephone: 022-24942418
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About NGO:

MILT, is an organization of growth oriented people with a goal of "making this world a little better because we came here." This is achieved by giving loving, caring & sharing shelters to destitute boys, in "Snehalayas". Milt runs 4 Snehalayas in three metros- Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. Each of the milt Snehalaya can house, 15 children & two house mothers.

The boys go to English schools till standard 5th. Then they continue further education at milt residential school, Simultala, Bihar state. Here they are educated till standard xii. Now, depending on their aptitude they are guided and sponsored in further education by Miltonians or they are free to take up jobs and start a promising life as they are all majors by now.

We have destitute becoming research fellows, engineers, microbiologist and even architects. Others can opt for careers in call centers or malls as smart sales persons, speaking fluent English and thus become self supporting. A boy who had more chance of becoming an anti-social element is thus diverted to the main stream, with an earnest desire to do something contributory to the society that gave him a new lease of life.

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Fund Usage:

Milt Charitable Trust, Bombay & Its Associated Trusts Are Engaged In This Noble Venture For Over 20 Years. Milt Residential School Has Been Built At Simultala In Bihar. Here Children Are Provided With Education, Leadership Training And Sports Facilities, Food & Accommodation Free Of Cost. Over 330 Children Have Benefitted From This Project & Many More Are Expectedto Be Benefited In Future. We Have Expanded The School Building And Created Modern, Facilities For Students And Teachers At An Estimated Cost Of Rs. 85 Lakhs. As We Have Been Providing Infra Structural Facilities Like Electrification Of The Complex, Using Modern Generator Sets Adding Residential Quarters For Staff, Classes For The Primary Section Where About 100 Children Get Free Breakfast & Lunch Besides Free Education. 

 The Proceeds From Your Contribution Will In A Small But Significant Way Bring A Ray Of Hope Of Bright Future For These Destitutes Who Are Supported Free Of Cost All Through Their Journey With Milt.


Gourick Bhowmick was admitted to the milt charitable trust, Bombay's snehalaya in 1995. His father had died in an accident and mother anjali was a maid.
After completing his 5th in Mumbai, he was sent to MILT residential school Simultala. He was selected as the captain in 2009. He has passed his std XII with flying colors. He was a teacher at our primary school for one year and now has shifted to Mumbai for further education. Gourick wants to become a number one basket ball player in the world.
How wonderful to have a crystal clear goal at such young age!
This is possible because all the children at the milt residential school are given leadership training by the founder of milt- Mr Aporesh Acharya. The funds we have availed from the Mumbai marathon have gone a long way in shaping of the milt residential school at Simultala.
"..there are millions who don't get love, there are millions who don't have a father, there are millions who are not cared for but you are the one, who has given me all the above mentioned possibilities. Thank you. Gourick Bhowmick" excerpts from gourick's letter to Dr Ashok Khanvte