Light of Life Trust

R.r.hosiery Bldg, Shree Laxmi Woollen Mills Estate, D E Moses Rd, Mahalaxmi,, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400011
Founded Year: 2002
Cause category: Education
Telephone: 022-30016606
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About NGO:

Light of Life Trust believes in strengthening and nurturing rural communities - the roots of the nation - by educating them, creating a holistic community living in a conducive environment and providing health care so that they grow into healthy, wholesome and happy individuals through integrated, sustainable social models

1.Project Anando - (Education) :Identifying and reinstating of rural underprivileged school drop-out children and their holistic development

2.Project Jagruti -(Jeevan Asha, Community Centre) : The Community Centre is equipping underprivileged rural women, girls and unemployed youth with livelihood training programmes to enhance their income generating skills leading them to attain not only financial independence but also an increased level of self confidence and esteem and in turn enable them to brighten the future of their children and the local community at large.

3.Mobile Medical Unit - (Health): Team MMU has been reaching out to more than 2451 patients / beneficiaries. The focus is on preventive and curative aspects so as to have an impact in an integrated holistic manner.

Fund Usage:

Ever since the introduction of Project Anando in 2005, Light of Life Trust has been working towards uplifting the underprivileged rural children by reinstating them in schools and equipping them with skills to become independent and productive citizens. The goal is not just literacy but complete all round development of each child through a 3E approach i.e Educate, Empower and Equip for employability, thus empowering the beneficiaries to take life changing decisions by choosing appropriate career paths. The success of Project Anando is seen in the emerging new generation of confident, high aspiring and motivated young rural citizens, the commendable result of our continuous efforts with them.

Project Anando, has been able to impact the lives of 9511 rural underprivileged children so far. Currently, Project Anando is reaching out to over 3500 children in 426 villages of 5 districts in Maharashtra.

All donations will be utilized towards Project Anando.


Prachi Pandharinath Kulkarni one of the first Anando beneficiaries secured 65% in B.Com. in 2012-13. Prachi a single parent child living with her mother in Khanda, Neral, is an Anando beneficiary since 2007. Her mother who  worked  in a printing press  earned Rs.1500/- a month. Prachi completed SSC with the support from Light of Life Trust. Prachi and her mother were regularly counselled to ensure that Prachi continued with her education in order to pursue her dream and become self dependent. 

In 2011 Prachi was selected for Rural BPO training organized by Light of Life Trust's Jeevan Asha Community Centre in collaboration with Kotak Education Foundation. Post training, she was appointed  as a Computer trainer and drew a  monthly salary of Rs.4,500/-.

Prachi successfully completed her graduation and is now holding a job in a Bank.  It was her determination, her mother's confidence in her and LOLT's  in-depth intervention made it possible for Prachi  to achieve her goal.