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EVE Foundation

Shraddha Vyas, 111, Maker Chambers Iv, Nariman Point, , Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400021
Founded Year: 2010
Cause category: Social, Civic & Community Development
Telephone: 022-4337000
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About NGO:

EVE Foundation (Empowering Villages Everywhere) is founded in 2009, to empower Rural Indians by providing solar lamps at subsidized rate to make them feel the ownership of it. Till date we have distributed over 20,000 lamps in 11 states of India.

We have also installed Solar street lamp, distributed books sets for the libraries of Ashramshalas. The EVE team visits the places where the lamps are provided to get the feedback. the results are as follows -
Education -increased attendance & dropout joining schools again. Students have more time & source of light to study at night.

Women utilize lamps for domestic activities such as cooking and doing other household chores.
Part-time jobs - many use it to undertake part time jobs such as tailoring, stitching, basket weaving etc.
Other- increase of mobility to navigate in dark. They are also used for security to keep various animals & insects away from house.

In this way EVE is uplifting the poorest sections of our society by fostering the educational, economic and social development of India.

Fund Usage:

EVE is a student-run initiative. In the year 2011-12, we had registered runners for the Mumbai Marathon, collecting over Rs. 10 lakh for EVE. To see the impact of Solar Lamps, EVE team visited various villages across India:

  1. Sikar, Bikaner and Churu districts of Rajasthan,
  2. Nasik, Aurangabad, Dhule, Thane, and Chandrapur districts in Maharashtra
  3. East & West Siang, Lohit, Dibang valley, Kameng, Pasighat districts in Arunachal Pradesh.

Useful Purposes of Solar Lamps - they allow people to work after sunset, farmers to visit fields late in the night without fearing hidden snakes and scorpions, children to study after sunset - especially young girls who found new hope as they could pursue their education. Besides, the visits to the 'Ashram Shaalas' and the interaction with the local children has been a highlight and a motivating factor for our volunteers.

Teachers, from villages, report that students have been performing better as they can study for longer hours. Many of the children, buoyed by their improved performances, have expressed higher ambitions and dreams.

We are now looking at water purification and mobile hospitals. We are sure that we will be able to expand and Empower Villages Everywhere across India in many more aspects.


On 8th June 2012 EVE team visited Arunachal Pradesh. We went to 'Tafragam, Tezu, Lauliyang, Tumba' of Lohit district and 'Khonsa, Barap, etc.' of Pasighat district. In Barap there's a special school named 'Kasturba Gandhi Vidyalaya' run by Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. It is a school for girls who are dropouts due to various reasons like, marriage, poverty, responsibility of looking after young siblings etc.

There is no electricity in Barap School since Oct. 2010. All the girls studied only in the light of EVE solar lamps. We gave 100 lamps totally free to the girls as they could not afford to pay the subsidized amount of Rs.350 even.

The villagers of Barap had a meeting with the young EVE team and placed a demand to send more solar lamps for them. All places are very difficult to reach as there can be landslide any moment, have to cross the rivers and there is no means of transport to reach them for together.

Today Arunachal Pradesh has a demand for 20,000 solar lamps for which we need funds.

Same is the case with Jawhar & Mokhada talukas of Thane district. Many villages in and around Nashik, Trimbakeshwar, Javhar are lighted 100% with our Solar Lamps.

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