Khel Shala

#1815, First Floor, Sector 34d, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, 160022
Founded Year: 8/18/2009
Cause category: Arts Culture & Sports
Telephone: 0172-5035660
Charity Bib Status: Not Available

About NGO:

Khelshala was established in 2009, with a motto of changing the lifestyle of underprivileged children in India through excellence in sport, academics and yoga. By providing opportunity to every child, Khelshala boost them to pursue their dreams giving them confidence that it is possible for them to achieve and be successful. Khelshala helps them to broaden the horizons of underprivileged children, exposing to the wonder of education through smart classes and creating a sense of curiosity about the world with many different cultures. By providing the opportunity to the children, it is hoped that through their excellence academic and outstanding athletic ability, they will be able to receive either athletic or academic scholarship to elite universities and other institution in the world. Khelshala i proud to announce that one of our founder girl child has passed 12th grade by scoring 85.9% in 2015. Our second branch of Khelshala in village Majra established in 2012 with the same motto, also has two kids passing 12th grade with scores of 78.9%.

Fundraisers supporting this NGO:

Fund Usage:

We at Khelshala are proud that our NGO is registered with United Way for the fourth year. Donations Realized from the marathon will be used to expand our organization. The funds raised will serve to hep us develop infrastructure at our second branch in village Majra, as well as continue to support our after school academic tutoring through our professional teachers and volunteers. Futhermore, the moneys will also be used for general needs such as squash/tennis equipment allowing children to play and complete and for other basic needs like note books, pens, pencils, yoga mats, clothing etc.

The opportunity of raising funds through your support wiltruly put Khelshala on the right track to continue it's work for yet another year to fulfill it's goal stated above.


"This is our first association with United Way, so there is no history of any case study that we can provide.

However, in the 2 years that Khel Shala has been in operation, we are proud to say that children from Khel Shala have achieved great success. One of our girls and one of our boys featured in the finals of the Chandigarh State Open Squash Championships last February and many others reached the second round and quarter final stages of the tournament.

More importantly, during our two years in opreration 2 children lost one parent.

Khel Shala is proud to report that both these children faced hardship, but were able to come through as Khel Shala provided them with some comfort allowing them to escape from the day-to-day life issues at home.

Manjit Singh was able to come through having lost a mother.

Komal Kumari was able to come through having lost her father.

The above moments and successes are what makes Khel Shala a worthwhile project which amkes everyone involved with Khel Shala harder in ensuring it's ongoing mission of "Empoering Children Through Sport" "