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Karunya Trust

Karunya Trust, Vatika Building, 302 Plot No.39-40 Hanuman Road, I.i.t. P.o. Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400076
Founded Year: 1999
Cause category: Education
Telephone: 022-25785515 , 022-25798625
Visit on Facebook: karunyafacekalyan
Charity Bib Status: Not Available
` 414500 of ` 0
Raised by 15 contributors.

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About NGO:

Karunya Trust is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950, engaged in the development of the poor and marginalized irrespective of caste, creed and religion, addressing the issues of education, health, livelihood, good governance and environment in the 6 districts of Maharashtra.

It deals with the education of rag picking children at Govandi providing non formal education and enrolls them to the BMC, Private schools, and Open school, support them to complete the studies and getting them job through vocational training. It supports the education of the children of People Living with HIV/AIDS, economically backward children, tribal children at Ambernath Taluka,scholarship for Professional courses and promotes vocational trainings.

It focuses on Health issues to promote preventive, sustainable, curative health care and services through holistic approach targeting on community participation and leadership.

Karunya focuses on the Livelihood issues of the poor especially widows, marginalized farmers and unemployed youth with an objective to promote sustainable, livelihood interventions depending on people's needs and capacities.

Good Governance aims to promote good governance at local level ensuring community participation in the governance process.

Fundraisers supporting this NGO:

Nilesh Lahu Nandoskar
Fund Usage:

"Gyansaathi"-is initiated by Karunya Trust on 5th July 2011 for the thousands of rag picking children and their families residing at Govandi Dumpyard,Mumbai. Currently it caters to 420 children through a comprehensive approach by providing non formal education, supplementary nutrition, health care services, extracurricular activities, enrolling them in the formal schools. At present 309 children are mainstreamed to the formal schools. Along with the children's education we do promote the guardians especially the mothers to attend the literacy classes conducted by Karunya Trust in the area, so that they may be able to access their rights and entitlements.

The funds we raise through SCMM 15 will be (1) used for the educational expenses of NIOS CHILDREN, for the supplementary nutrition of children (2) For the promotion of child rights especially right to education,(3) Promotion of adult literacy classes for the mothers to fight for their entitlements (4) and vocational training for the adolescents.

We request the donors to contribute generously for the cause and support Karunya Trust in the endeavor to promote education of the rag picking children and their guardians.


An Undiscovered Treasure …
"What do children do at the age of 14 or 15? They would go to school, play with friends and lead a carefree life. But for 15 year old Irshad it was different and he doesn't want to recall …"

Irshad (name changed) is a 15 year old boy stays with his family in one of the project area. His father, a drunkard, working in the dump yard, while his mother did odd jobs and supports the family. Irshad became a drop out in the 6th class and was forced to go to the dumping yard to earn the living. The father used to abuse him and the mother for money. Through the constant intervention of the Social workers, he has joined Gyansaathi.

He was reluctant to come to the centre, yet due to his wish to escape from the stressful situation motivated him to join the centre. Initially he was very untidy, poor in personal hygiene with lot of mood swings when he comes to class. Meanwhile he lost his father and stopped coming to Gyansaathi, convinced by the staff he joined the centre. He showed steady progress in studies and was enrolled in the NIOS Level B in 2012.He has cleared the same and currently studying in Level C. Also he joined the 6 months ITI Automobile Course at Mulund in May 2013, today he dreams about a bright future.

The behavior change in Irshad encouraged other children to join Gynasaathi. Today Irshad…an Undiscovered Treasure plays the role of a good Ambassador of Gyansaathi Educational program & Children's Parliament in the area.

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