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501, Neelambari, Road No 86, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400028
Founded Year: 1968
Cause category: Women Empowerment
Charity Bib Status: Not Available
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About NGO:

For the past fifteen years, Akshara has worked toward a gender just society, a society where women can live with dignity, free from violence and discrimination. Akshara empowers young women to pursue higher education, to know their rights, to live without threats of violence within their homes and communities, and to build necessary skills and confidence to ensure wellbeing for themselves and their families.

At Akshara, we know that the engagement of men and boys is necessary for establishing a gender just society. Accordingly, we focus our efforts not only to empower young women but also educating young men, especially from disadvantaged communities and backgrounds, to become standard bearers for gender justice-personally and within their families and communities. The other circles of change are about changing public attitudes and changing systems through multiple strategies.


Establishing A Gender Just And Violence Free Society


  • To Empower young women through capacity building
  • To Influence youth to become social change agents
  • To Challenge the systems of patriarchies
  • To Support women's and other progressive movements
Fund Usage:

we will expand our ability to award "Empowering Dreams Scholarships" to more disadvantaged young women to study after 12th standard, Support "SwayamSiddha Barefoot Counsellors" to take up local area campaigns to prevent violence against women , and to engage more young men in the process of " Soch sahi, Mard Vahi"-creating a gender just society.

We would like you to join together to build another world, a gender just world.


"What sort of magic did you do on her?" asks Gauri Vanjare's mother. She was always a shy child who refused to get out of the house or talk to the neighbours. Gauri and her friend Namrata joined Akshara's NSS program in their college and were soon became active in the 103

Helpine campaign, theatre and other workshops. Gauri says "The video on sexual harassment made me realize that women need to stand up and do something. Now I try to share what I learned with the people in my neighbourhood. I help girls and I hold sessions with them. We talk about a sexual harassment free zone in our community and taking appropriate action to stop eve teasing."

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