Mahim, Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400016
Founded Year: 2004
Cause category: Education
Telephone: 022-24388235
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About NGO:

Approximately 40% of India's estimated 470 million children are at risk from losing out on a Healthy & Happy Childhood. These are children who are most deprived in our society. Street children are subject to malnutrition, hunger, health problems, substance abuse, theft, harassment by general authorities, physical and sexual abuse. Childhood and adolescent depression is on the rise through the child's growing years. Not being in an institution keeps these kids in severely dangerous surroundings.

Toybank's approach is to develop programs and initiatives that will provide an opportunity for these kids to lead a normal life in the future. By focusing our attention in their behavioral and mental growth in their most impressionable years of life, Toybank hopes to change their perspective towards life in their adulthood. It collaborates with institutions from all across India and ensure they are well equipped to attract children into their spaces and thus get them off dangerous surroundings.

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Toybank believes that investing in young children through early childhood development programs ensures that they have the right stimulation and nurturing. We believe that it is the most important investment to address inequality, break the cycle of poverty and improve outcomes later in life. Once a child comes into a safe space, it learns to open up to learning and playing. A safe and happy Childhood builds a safe community there by leading to a stronger and more empowered society as a whole.


We hope to raise funds from the Marathon so to do the following
  1. Open 2 rural impact centers covering 1500-2000kids
  2. To sustain our current centers which covers a total of 9000 kids in rural and urban maharashtra