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Rasikashraya Sanskrtik Kala Va Bauuddeshiya Sanstha

Rasikashraya Sanskrtik Kala Va Bauuddeshiya Sanstha Rasikashraya Training Center,parwa Raod, Ghatanji Dist. Yavatmal, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India, 445301
Founded Year: 1998
Cause category: Education
Charity Bib Status: Not Available
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About NGO:

Rasikashraya was established by a group of young activists engaged in social work in 1999. It has gained lot of experience through working with experienced and leading organization in the field of rural development. Mainly its perspective changed due to interaction with Vidarbha Lok Vikas Manch, Nagpur & involved itself in rural development. At the later stages it came in close contact with Nehru Yuva Kendra, Yavatmal. It has implemented various programmes sponsored by NYK, Yavatmal.

Its area of operation is spread over in twenty villages in Ghatanji, Kalamb & Yavatmal blocks of Yavatmal district. It has created good rapport with the people under its area of operation. It works in partnership with beneficiaries by undertaking various developmental programmes especially relevant to the field of agriculture, health, employment & skill up gradation. It has a devoted and dedicated team of workers.

Fund Usage:

To provide life skill education and opportunities to develop the Internal qualities of the children.(SAWANGADI- a child development programme)

Yavatmal is one of the districts of Vidharbha region in Maharashtra, is known as Tribal district and also in focus for farmers suicide. There are many problems in this district. Problems like farmers' suicide, Unmarried mother, Environmental imbalance, lack of education and health facilities and many to add.

Today's child is a citizen of tomorrow. If he acquired facilities and opportunities at this proper time then and then only he can develop himself to become a responsible citizen of the country. For the proper development of a child only formal education is not enough it need both formal and informal education for the holistic development. And if a child brought up in this healthy surrounding he can definitely play a major role in the development of his own place.

Children in cities get more opportunities and exposure to develop properly but if we think about village children they don't get all this. Many children of village are sharper as compare to other, the only thing is that they must get chance to improve their internal qualities like leadership, communication etc .and present it.

We find children much active than other people .we can participate them in development process of their village by providing them opportunities and life skill education. From the childhood they can learn many things from their own experiences and use it in future for them and their society.

Project Title: - To provide life skill education and opportunities to develop the Internal qualities of the children.(SAWANGADI- a child development programme )


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