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Isha Education

14 A, C.a Theyvar Layout, Kannaperan Mills Road, Udayampalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, 641028
Founded Year: 2005
Cause category: Education
Telephone: 0422-4272740
Visit on Facebook: ishavidhya
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About NGO:

As a part of Isha&rsquo;s social outreach programs, Isha Vidhya rural schools have been started in villages (under the umbrella of Isha Education, established in 2005) to provide high quality school education to underprivileged rural children who cannot otherwise access or afford it. In 2012, Isha Vidhya began to carry out critical interventions to improve the quality of education in rural Government schools.

Isha Vidhya currently runs 9 schools in Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh. The schools presently have 6415 children, with approximately 3547 (60%) students on free education supported by donations under a scholarship program, while the rest pay a nominal fee.

Highlights include:

  • take education beyond literacy and rudimentary skills
  • strive to make children fluent in English and adept in computer skills
  • adopt a nurturing approach to education, helping children realize their full potential
  • promote education for girls
  • increase educational awareness in rural communities while preserving local identities and culture
  • equip rural youth with skills to rise above 'hopeless' situations of the past

Isha has also adopted 56 Government schools to improve the quality of education in these schools by carrying out critical interventions, which impacts over 40000 children.

Fundraisers supporting this NGO:

Neeraj Sanghi
Lipika Mitra
Peggy Wolff
Fund Usage:

Educate a Child… Make a Life!

Why Support Isha Vidhya?

Isha Vidhya's English-medium schools provide high quality school education to rural children who cannot otherwise access or afford it. They adopt a nurturing & holistic approach to education, helping children realize their full potential. Your donation will go 100% towards creating critical infrastructure like classrooms, toilets, school buses, library or labs or providing scholarships to needy children.

Why Donate? Education is the only ladder that we could provide to raise these underprivileged rural children from poverty. For most of these children their only good meal of the day is at school. Many learn how to use a toilet and other aspects of personal hygiene only at school. The schools transform almost every aspect of a child's life & parental attitudes to education as well, while preserving and enhancing awareness of their local culture.


Isha Vidhya -Key Statistics

-First School Start Date - Jun 2006 -Total number of Schools Now - 9 -Total number of Students - 5820 -% Girls - 46% -Total number of Teachers - 287 -Avg Income of Parents- Rs. 5000/month ( $US 105/£ 66) 58% of students on Scholarship (some are fully supported, some pay for transport & uniforms, some a small amount for food)

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