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Trust For Retailers And Retail Associates Of India

Founded Year : 2011

TRRAIN is committed to Empowering People in Retail
TRRAIN works towards achieving immediate and lasting change in the lives of both Retailers and Retail Associates across India. TRRAIN is committed to upgrading the lives of People in Retail, both at work and at home
TRRAIN through its initiative PANKH ľ Wings of Destiny in partnership with Y4J Foundation aims to train people with disabilities (PwD) and provide them employment opportunities in retail industry. The initiative thus aims to create sustainable livelihoods for PwD and also promote inclusive growth in retail sector

Family Service Centre

Founded Year : 1955

Family Service Centre is voluntary organization committed to preserve, promote, and strengthen the family as a unit. The Centre strives to reach out to families in difficult circumstances through its various non-institutional and community-based programmes, namely Adoption, Foster Care, Sponsorship, and Community Development. The Centreábelievesáthat the Socio Economic Pressure in Urban Areas Often result in family stress,ádisintegration, and Child destitution. This concern is reflected in intervention strategies that are family oriented, preventive and developmental.

Childline India Foundation

Founded Year : 1996

Childline India Foundation is the apex Charity that anchors CHILDLINE 1098, a national, 24-hour, emergency free phone outreach service for children in distress, linking them to long term services for their care, protection and rehabilitation. CHILDLINE is present in 291 cities across the country and has responded to over 27 million calls since its inception.

Women's India Trust

Founded Year : 1968

WIT was established in 1968 by late Ms Kamila Tyabji. Women's India Trust provides Education, Vocational Skills Training and Livelihood opportunities to unskilled and underprivileged women, empowering them with knowledge and self-reliance. "CHANGING LIVES IN A CHANGING WORLD!"

Rotary Club Of Bombay Queens Necklace Charitable Trust

Founded Year : 1986

The Club has set up a state-of-the-art Blood Bank at Somaiya Hospital, which provides uncontaminated and quality blood to the needy at highly subsidized rates. The Club is upgrading the Pediatric ICU at Baijerbai Wadia Hospital by sponsoring critical and specialty equipment such as ventilators, monitors, USG, EEG, regular equipments and infrastructure. Rotary Sanskardham School is a School for the hearing impaired and has been constructed in Goregaon at the cost of over Rupees Three Crores with generous donations from the Members of th eClub. It houses 210 students (Autistic 25, Hearing Impaired - 126 in unaided section & 31 in aided section and 28 in Learning Dasbility training program) with special needs.

Agragami India

Founded Year : 2002

Agragami India works to improve the health and well being of women, their children and families. It promotes basic education, nutrition, family planning and health, and improves access to educational and health services. The goal is equity and improved quality of life for the rural and urban poor and under-served.

Society of Parents of children with Autistic Disorders (SOPAN)

Founded Year : 2002

SOPAN endeavors to empower individuals with autism; developmental disabilities, and their families. We empower (read 'educate and train') persons with disability to be productive members of society so that they lead a life filled with pride and dignity.


Founded Year : 2006

LAHI's mission is to make a difference in the lines of the poor through self-help.
Our goal is to help the poor realize their full potential to meet their aspirations for a better life.

Maharashtra State Women's Council

Founded Year : 1919

PROJECTS OF MSWC include Asha Sadan ,Bapnu Ghar, Lotus Home, Child Welfare, Foster Care, Health Committee, Matunga Labour Camp Street Children Project,adoption Group


Founded Year : 1995

Ahimsa works for the stray animals of Mumbai. Ahimsa undertakes sterilization of stray dogs to control population growth and prevent the spread of rabies. Ahimsa also provides medical relief and assistance for small stray animals: particularly dogs, cats and birds.

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