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Frequently Asked Questions

Support Through Sport

  1. What is the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon event?
  2. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM), is amongst the top ten marathons in the world. The event is not only a platform to test an individual's athletic excellence but also a unique fund raising event for charity. In the last eleven years of existence, it has assumed a stature of eminence, being the single largest philanthropic sporting event in India.

  3. How is this event connected with charity?
  4. SCMM has assumed a stature of eminence, being the largest single charity and philanthropic sporting event in India. Each year, more than 200 NGOs participate in the event and raise funds for their respective organizations. Many participants use the event as a reason to give back to their society and the underprivileged. The charity aspect is well regulated and hence serves as an assurance to prospective donors.

  5. What is the role of Official Charity Partner United Way of Mumbai?
  6. United Way of Mumbai is the Charity Partner for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon since 2009. The Charity Partner serves as a Philanthropy Exchange for various charities and non-profits. All donations pass through the charity partner and then to the respective NGOs bringing in accountability and transparency in the system.


Choosing your cause
  1. Which charities are eligible for fund-raising through this event?
  2. Only those charities registered with official event charity partner are eligible for fund- raising through this event. United Way of Mumbai conducts a preliminary scrutiny process and due diligence for registering the NGOs for SCMM. The list of these charities is published on the United Way of Mumbai website as well as the official event website.

  3. How do I choose a cause?
  4. United Way of Mumbai (UWM) endeavors to partner with as many charities from diverse causes and bring them all under the umbrella of Marathon fundraising. Simply think about the cause that is closest to your heart, and select the specific charity working in that area, from the list provided on our website We will keep updating this list as and when more NGOs register.

  5. In case the charity of my choice has not registered with you for the event, what do you suggest I do?
  6. You can always get in touch with the particular charity and get them registered with UWM. Please ask them to email / write to us expressing their interest in participating in the event. We request that the contact information be clear, updated and legible. We will then send them a registration form which they will need to fill and send back to us with all required documents.

  7. Can an NGO based outside Mumbai register for the event?
  8. Yes, NGOs based anywhere in India can register for the event. However NGO's based outside the country and not possessing 80G registration are not eligible to register as we would be unable to issue 80G tax exemption receipts to donors on their behalf.

  9. Can I run for more than one charity?
  10. Yes, you can run for more than one charity but it is advisable to run for a single charity so that there is maximum impact of the funds that are donated.

  11. What if I am not sure which charity to run for?
  12. UWM will aid you in the process of shortlisting a set of charities that closely fit the criteria list you would require to provide. The charity that we will shortlist will be from among the ones that are registered for the event.

  13. Is there an email id where we can clarify our doubts?
  14. Yes. All queries can be mailed to and they will be answered.


Understanding Pledge Raising
  1. What is pledge raising?
  2. Pledge Raising is an initiative where an individual collects donations for a charity he/she feels strongly about by asking his/her friends, colleagues and other acquaintances for funds. Pledge Raising not only gives you a chance to make a difference in the life of underprivileged but also sets you on the path of social networking for a noble cause.

  3. What happens if I don't reach my target?
  4. You will, don't even start with that thought! With the right commitment and a good fundraising plan you have plenty of time and support you need from United Way Mumbai to reach your fundraising goal.

  5. What's the easiest and best way for me to keep track of my pledges?
  6. Create an Online Giving Page at and you can easily track pledges online from your supporters. For offline payments, use the pledge sheet which can be downloaded from our website. It is the easiest way to keep track of all the pledges you have raised. Remember to update the sheet as soon as you receive a pledge, and make sure you record the full address of all your donors on the pledge sheet, as this is required by Income Tax Law April 1, 2006 onwards.

  7. How long before the event should I start raising pledges?
  8. Fundraising should be initiated the moment you start seeing promotions for the event. That way, people you approach will already be aware of the event. Don't wait till the last minute though. The earlier you begin raising pledges, the less frantic it will be for you towards D-Day.

  9. Should I set myself a target for the amount of pledges I need to raise?
  10. That would be a good idea. Setting a target for yourself will make you more focused in achieving it. You can share that target with people you approach, and ask them to help bring you closer to achieving it.

  11. Is there a minimum amount that a runner should raise for the NGO?
  12. There is no requirement on a runner about the amount s/he needs to raise. For all donations over Rs.100/- a tax exemption 80G receipt will be issued.

  13. Will the donors be getting receipts for all the donations?
  14. Yes. All donors will be given receipts for their donations of over Rs.100/-.

  15. Can the participant directly pay the collected funds to a charity of his/her choice?
  16. No. The participants have to route all funds collected towards charity through us as we are the official charity partner for the event. We will be transferring the funds to the charity of the participant's choice.

  17. Is there an email id where we can clarify our doubts?
  18. Yes. All queries can be sent to and they will be answered.


Modes of Collection
  1. What are the modes of collection I can use to raise pledges?
    • Online by creating our own Online Giving Page on our website.
    • Offline through cheques. Every donor needs to make a cheque in favor of 'United Way of Mumbai'
    • Fill up the pledge sheet with donor details and send it to our office along with the cheques.
    • You can download the pledge kit from
  2. Can I collect pledges in cash?
  3. We will not accept cash donations. However, if a donor insists on giving cash, when turning in the amount to United Way of Mumbai, we request you to issue a consolidated cheque favoring "United Way of Mumbai" to us for the total cash collected.

  4. How can I get the pledge kit?
  5. The pledge kit can be download from or It should be submitted before 25th January 2014. This kit contains a pledge summary sheet, pledge detail sheet & a leaflet on "How to raise pledges"

  6. If friends and family from abroad want to send a cheque, what should they do?
  7. They can either donate through credit card on your webpage or send you cheques in favor of United Way of Mumbai'.
    Please note foreign donors will get receipts but will not get tax benefits. We recommend not accepting cheques of amounts smaller than US$100, as banking charges alone exceed 10% of the transaction cost for such cheques.

    US donors who need the tax benefit -
    If a foreign donor wants a tax benefit, they have to go through United Way Worldwide. This is recommended only for donations above $250. Also make sure you add your donor details in your pledge sheet. It will help us to keep track on the entire transaction. The donor will need to -

    a. Send a cheque in favor of 'United Way Worldwide' and mail to:
    United Way Worldwide
    701 N. Fairfax ST
    Alexandria, VA 22314 USA

    b. Enclose a letter stating the following:

    • Recipient as 'United Way of Mumbai'
    • Donor's name and full contact information, including telephone number and email address
    • Which NGO the funds are for along with a mention that these funds are to be routed through the Standard chartered Mumbai Marathon.

  8. Once a pledge sheet is full, do I stop raising pledges?
  9. Before using your pledge sheet its best to make photocopies of the empty pledge sheet or you can download the same from the download section on our website.


Tax Deductions and Receipts
  1. What happens after I send in all my pledges?
  2. The money is accounted for at United Way of Mumbai and then disbursed to the charity of your choice.

  3. When is the last date to send in my pledge form?
  4. The last day for sending in pledges is January 23rd 2015. Along with your pledge sheet(s) and the pledge summary sheet, please send the cheque(s) for the total amount you have raised to our address. Please ensure that you have numbered your pledge sheets and the full address of all donors have been properly entered on the pledge sheet, as the same is required by Income Tax Law with effect from April 1, 2006.
    All cheques should be made in favor of 'United Way of Mumbai'. We recommend you keep a photocopy of your pledge sheets for your own records.

  5. Do all the pledges for the listed charities have to go through United Way of Mumbai?
  6. Yes. Pledges that flow through United Way of Mumbai will be acknowledged on the United Way of Mumbai website at the end of the event. Individual donors to your cause will also be able to get receipts and tax certificates for their contributions. This whole process will ensure transparency in accounting for your funds.

  7. How soon after I send in my pledges will I get the receipts?
  8. Receipts for online donations will be emailed directly to the donor. 80G Receipts for cheques received will be sent out between February and March 2015. Please make sure that the address of the donor has been mentioned clearly.

  9. What percentage of the money raised will actually go to the charity?
  10. Registration Amounts & UWM donation retention* – NGO & Corporate Team

    New NGO RegistrationINR 2500One Time
    NGO Renewal RegistrationINR 1000One Time
    Charity Bib Blocking DepositINR 1000 / bibRefundable if unutilized & returned by specified dates or filled submitted by 17 Nov 2014
    Charity BibsMin INR 8000UWM donation retention* - INR 150/bib
    Corporate Team 25INR 4,00,000UWM donation retention* - INR 35,000 out of INR 4,00,000
    Corporate Team 15INR 2,75,000UWM donation retention* - INR 25,000 out of INR 2,75,000
    Corporate Challenge fundraisersUWM donation retention* - 2% of offline funds raised
    Online funds raisedNo retentions by UWM.
    Payment Gateway charges absorbed by UWM.

    Registration Amounts & UWM donation retention* – Fund Raisers & Change Category

    CategoryAmount to be raisedUWM donation retention*
    Online funds raisedNo retentions by UWM.
    Payment Gateway charges absorbed by UWM
    Below Fund Raiser GoldUp till 99,9994% of offline funds raised
    Fund Raiser GoldINR 1,00,0003% of offline funds raised
    Change MakerINR 1,50,0002% of offline funds raised
    Change InvestorINR 5,00,0001.5% of offline funds raised
    Change LeaderINR 10,00,0001% of offline funds raised
    SCMM Change IconINR 25,00,0000% of offline funds raised


    *donation retained to defray administrative expenses.


  11. Why am I being charged, even when I run for a charity?
  12. Every event incurs a cost. There are actual expenses involved in organizing the charity component of the marathon, in putting together the various schemes that you are able to pick from, and in providing you the appropriate materials and support. The charges being levied are only to recover such costs.

  13. How soon after the event will all the information be collated and put up on United Way of Mumbai's website?
  14. United Way Mumbai closes all accounts before March 31st and all information will made available by then. A charity docket is also released and a copy made available for download on the website.

  15. When will United Way of Mumbai give the money to the charity?
  16. Disbursements for all donations raised from the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2015, will be given out in installments. We aim at completing all disbursements before 31 March 2015.

  17. Will my pledgers also get tax exemptions?
  18. All Indian donors are eligible for tax exemption u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, as long as you have provided all the relevant details. All contributions above Rs 100 are eligible for this.


  1. Why should we register with United Way Mumbai?
  2. United Way of Mumbai is the official philanthropy partner for the SCMM since 2009. All those who want to participate for fundraising have to register with UWM. Registering with United Way of Mumbai helps ensure transparency. Also, every donation received is accounted for and this is always appealing to the donors. NGOs can also spread awareness about their cause with the help of the official charity partner. There are running numbers kept aside for the NGOs

  3. How can an NGO participate in SCMM for fund raising?
  4. In order to participate, NGOs need to fill up the NGO Registration renewal/New NGO registration form which are downloadable from . All NGOs registered with UWM, who had raised Rs 10000 and above have to fill the NGO registration renewal form, self-attested photo copy of latest audit report and a cheque for Rs.1000.
    NGOs, who do not qualify under the above given criteria, need to send the softcopy of the new NGO registration form along with their logo in jpeg format. Hardcopy of the registration form and self attested photocopies of all supporting documents should be sent to United Way of Mumbai. A cheque for Rs. 2500 should be enclosed. A preliminary scrutiny process is then conducted by United Way to complete the registration process.

  5. How can we find donors?
  6. United Way puts up the list of NGOs who have registered with them on the website. Prospective donor companies as well as individuals use the list as a reference while looking for causes to support.

  7. What is bib blocking?
  8. There are 4,000 running spaces or bibs that are kept aside for the NGO community. Once an NGO registers with United Way, they are eligible to block running spaces. on the basis of a formula derived from average amounts raised per allocated bib (60% weightage) and total funds raised in SCMM'14 from only the sale of charity bibs (40% weightage) as per records available with UWM for the top 70 NGOs. All other NGO's including new NGO's are eligible for blocking up to 12 bibs each The list of top 70 NG's can be accessed in the download. In case an NGO in the pre assigned top 70 is not interested in blocking their full allocated bibs, these will be made available to the common pool.

    No of Bibs allocated
    Top 10 NGOs45
    11-30 NGOs30

  9. If we find a runner who is willing to support our cause, do we have to fund his/her training?
  10. Most of the time, the runner himself/herself will find a trainer. The NGOs can also help to find a trainer. This has to be worked out with the runner(s).

  11. The donor cheque should be in favor of which organization?
  12. The donor cheque for the NGOs should be in favor of United Way of Mumbai.


For Corporate Challengers
  1. Why should we enroll in a Corporate Challenge category?
  2. The Corporate Challenge category is a fantastic medium for employee engagement and motivation while offering many opportunities for contributing to make a difference for the underprivileged sections of our society. Besides, various perks are also available for the corporate challenge participants.

  3. Will you guide us on the tips for motivating the employees to run?
  4. Yes, we can also conduct workshops for corporates on request.

  5. If we register for a Team 25 but cannot find enough participants, can it be changed to Team 15?
  6. No. You cannot change your team size from Team 25 to Team 15 once you have completed registration formalities. You can however, submit entry forms of less than 25 participants.

  7. Is it necessary for all the employees who participate to raise pledges?
  8. It is not necessary for all the employees who participate to raise pledges. However, participants are encouraged to raise pledges and set their own fundraising targets for a cause of his / her choice. As and when they cross each level they gain the benefits of the level. Funds can be raised both on the online page as well as offline through cheques. Offline amounts require to be submitted to UWM along with details in pledge form for it to be updated on the fundraiser page.

    CategoryLevelFundraising Amount
    FundraisersFundraiserINR 10,000
    Fundraiser - SilverINR 50,000
    Fundraiser- GoldINR 1,00,000
    Change RunnersChange MakerINR 1,50,000
    Change InvestorsINR 5,00,000
    Change LeadersINR 10,00,000
    SCMM’15 Change IconINR 25,00,000


  9. How many teams in total can be put up by a corporate house?
  10. A corporate can put up maximum of 7 teams.


For Dream category
  1. Can we donate the pledges raised to two charities?
  2. We do not encourage the pledges to be divided between two charities as it may not be able to provide a considerable support to a charity. However you may support as many charities as you wish.

  3. Is there a minimum amount that a participant should raise for the charity s/he runs for?
  4. The dream category participants have to achieve a minimum target as per the list below -

    • Change Leader have to achieve a minimum of Rs. 10 lacs.
    • Change Investor have to achieve a minimum of Rs. 5 lacs
    • Change Makers have to achieve a minimum of Rs.1.5 lacs
  5. What if the participant is unable to raise the required amount?
  6. If the Change Category participants are not able to achieve the target, they will not be able to receive the benefits allotted to the category. The individual can continue to participate as a Fundraiser. Please find below levels. Each level have its own benefits.

    CategoryLevelFundraising Amount
    FundraisersFundraiserINR 10,000
    Fundraiser - SilverINR 50,000
    Fundraiser- GoldINR 1,00,000



Expo Day
  1. What happens on expo?
  2. On expo we give out bibs/ running spaces to all those people who have successfully blocked them along with goodie bags. We also give out special kits to people who have registered as Dream Category.


Online Fundraising
  1. What is "Online Giving"?
  2. This is a quick and easy way to collect money for an NGO or charity of our choice. You provide details of why you're raising funds for a cause close to your heart and create Online Giving webpage that your friends and family can visit and donate on through a secure payment gateway. United Way of Mumbai will then transfer the amount you have collected to your chosen charity. Online Giving provides you with a simple and convenient platform to collect money for a good cause. You can also reach out to people outside Mumbai.

  3. Can I raise funds for more than one charity through Online Giving?
  4. No. An online page can be linked to only one charity. If you wish to support multiple charities then you will need to create multiple pages

  5. Will I receive a list with the names of the people who donated money through my Online Giving page?
  6. The names of the donors, their email ids and the amount they have contributed through your Online Giving page are accessible to you when you login to your page.

  7. Will my donors get a receipt for their donation?
  8. Yes, all donors on your page will be emailed an 80G receipt upon completion of the transaction. This receipt can be used for income tax purposes. Please bear in mind that even if you have chosen a 35 AC project, you will still be issued an 80G receipt.
    Foreign donors will be given only receipts and no tax exemption certificate will be provided.

  9. How long can I receive donations through Online Giving?
  10. Your pledge page will be valid till January 31st, 2015. Once the end date is reached, your page can only be viewed, but it will not be possible to donate on the page.


UWM Charity Community
  1. What is the United Way of Mumbai Charity Community?
  2. The United Way of Mumbai Charity Community is our online group where you can interact with other charity-oriented individuals and organizations. It is an effort to promote informed choice, a good giving experience and capacity building of NGOs. It will remain active beyond the SCMM. Members include socially conscious individuals, NGOs and companies. We invite you to take a quick look at the action here:

    You can engage in any of the primary activities in the community:

    • View announcements, members, stories, updates and interact with NGOs
    • Post charity bib requirements and get responses
    • Access resources for capacity building of NGOs on fundraising and using technology to simplify day-to-day operations

  3. How can donors and fundraisers use United Way of Mumbai Charity Community?

    • Find charity bibs for yourself and your friends
    • Interact with and assess participating NGOs from a central space
    • Stay in touch with your NGO to follow the impact of your donation
    • Share your experiences and photographs, get tips on fundraising, see announcements/updates, explore what others are involved in...

    To join our Community, please create your account in a quick three-step process here:

  4. How can participating NGOs use United Way of Mumbai Charity Community?
    • See announcements, event/workshop invitations, tips for fundraising and related discussions
    • Respond to people who are looking for charity bibs
    • Access resources for capacity building of NGOs on fundraising and using technology to simplify day-to-day operations
    • Increase your visibility for donors, volunteers and media visiting this website
    • Stay in touch with your donors and supporters to tell them how they made a difference

    To join our Community, please create your account in a quick three-step process here:

  5. What is the role of StepONE in this initiative?
  6. The United Way of Mumbai Charity Community is a group that has been created on StepONE [] - an interactive online platform developed exclusively for the social sector.

    This community is accessible right here [] on our website, so that you can interact with member NGOs without having to visit another platform!

    Important: All online donations for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon will be routed exclusively through United Way of Mumbai's online payment system. StepONE does not provide a payment gateway.

  7. What is the relation between online donation pages on United Way of Mumbai's website and my StepONE profile?
  8. These are two different pages with distinct purposes. Your Marathon appeal and donation pages contain the basic information required for SCMM fundraising. The UWM Charity Community is where you can interact with other charity-oriented individuals and organizations. Your profile will remain active even after SCMM, so that you can remain connected with the participating NGOs, other generous people and us.

  9. I already have a username and password from United Way Mumbai. Do I need to register separately for the Charity Community?
  10. Yes. You need a StepONE account to join the UWM Charity Community. It is not mandatory for individuals to join this Community. If you do not want to fill in yet another online registration form, you can create a free account quickly with your Facebook account here:

  11. Whom should I contact if I have any problems while using the platform?
  12. The United Way of Mumbai Charity Community has been created on StepONE - an interactive online platform developed exclusively for the social sector. We hope you enjoy sharing and connecting through this platform. It is in the beta stage, and you might face technical issues or have suggestions for its improvement. In either case, please click here:


Tips for Pledge Raising

Essential Fundraising Rules

  • Start early - Don't procrastinate. Setting up the simple email template is one of the most effective steps you can take - do it early!
  • Create a contact list - Think about the average donation you think you will achieve from each contact and how many contacts you will need to contact to achieve your goal..
  • Be persistent - Even if donors don't respond immediately, send a follow-up, and think about other contacts (family, friends, work, community, etc).
  • Ask for help - If you are struggling to meet your target goal.

Remember to communicate to your donors:

  • That any money they give to your cause is tax deductible (for Indian donation only) and they will receive a receipt for it.
  • Names of all donors will be listed as one of your pledgers on the United Way of Mumbai website

How to ask:

  • The best way is to ask in person. But since that's not always possible, here are a few other ways to approach donors.
  • First go through your contact list on your email, phone and your address book and make a list of potential donors. This may take 15 or 20 minutes but it is time well spent.
  • Now, send out your appeal. You can email, call, or even send text messages. Different people will respond to different ways. Don't forget your friends and family abroad. They can donate too! And a $20 donation is about Rs.1000 for your cause.
  • Use other popular social media like Face book, Twitter, Book marking, You tube, blogs etc. Example: A blog is like an online diary or scrapbook where you can post photos, videos, words and links on your chosen topic. Other people can leave comments and messages about your blog posts. Keep a Blog of your fundraising to let people know how your preparation is going and how much you've raised. You can add any relevant information you find about your charity and link through to your Online Giving page so people can sponsor you.

How to raise Rs. 5,000 in pledge money in 10 days!

1Sponsor yourself Rs. 500Rs. 500 /-
2Ask 4 family members to sponsor you for Rs. 100 /-Rs. 400 /-
3Ask 5 friends to contribute Rs. 100 /-Rs. 500 /-
4Ask 5 co-workers to contribute Rs. 100/-Rs. 500 /-
5Ask 4 neighbors to contribute Rs. 50 /-Rs. 200 /-
6Ask 5 people in your sports club for Rs. 100 /-Rs. 500 /-
7Ask your boss for a contribution of Rs. 400 /-Rs. 400 /-
8Ask 6 local merchants or clients for Rs. 50 /-Rs. 300 /-
9Ask 2 businesses that you frequent for Rs. 350 /-Rs. 700 /-
10Ask 10 email pals to contribute Rs. 100 /-Rs. 1,000 /-


Important Dates


NGO Registration25 July 2014, Friday
1st Round Allocation of Bibs 01 Aug 2014, Friday06 Oct 2014, Monday
Unutilized Bibs return for full refund12 Sept 2014, Friday
2nd Round Allocation of Bibs 15 Sept 2014 , Monday22 Sept 2014, Monday
Unutilized Bibs return with INR 250 deduction15 Sept 2014, Monday01 Oct 2014,Wednesday
3rd Round Allocation of Bibs06 Oct 2014, Monday10 Oct 2014, Friday
Charity Bib Submission04Aug 2014, Monday17 Nov 2014, Monday
Corporate Team Registration18 Aug 2014, Monday29 Sept 2014, Monday
Page Submission for employee teams20 Nov 2014, Thursday
Student Challenge Registration 11 August 2014, Monday
Fundraiser page registrations02 Sept 2014, Tuesday31 Jan 2015, Saturday
Fundraiser status for raceday02 Jan 2015, Friday
Offline Pledge Submission23 Jan 2015,Friday
Expo09 Jan 2015, Friday11 Jan 2015, Sunday
Bib distribution for outstation runners17 Jan 2015, Saturday
Race Day18 Jan 2015, Sunday

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