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Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

We are happy to welcome you to the 11th Edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM). With every year SCMM has become larger and more successful for participating charities to raise funds and visibility through the event. SCMM 13 saw 215 charities raise a record Rs 18.61 Crore for themselves. United Way of Mumbai is the Charity Partner of SCMM and aims to develop and leverage the event into a great credible platform for giving and running for a cause.

The event will take place on 19th January 2014 at Azad Maidan. Every year around 38,000 runners take part in the event in various categories. The event has huge press coverage and visibility in the city and the world. It provides a great opportunity for a NGO to gain visibility and raise significant amounts for their organization and the causes supported by them.

Being the charity partner for SCMM, UWM runs a due-diligence check on each of these organizations to establish their credibility and genuineness of the causes.

Role of UWM as Charity Partner, is to-

  • Serve as a philanthropic exchange connecting donors and beneficiaries in a credible platform for giving.
  • Facilitate & supplement pledge raising efforts of individuals, companies and NGOs
  • Create, build and communicate the Charity Structure
  • Work on all aspects of Charity like registrations, race day logistics, communications and receiving donations.
  • Accounting & Reconciling of Pledges
  • Disbursement of funds to beneficiary NGOs
  • 80G receipts to all donors

Each of the registered NGOs is featured in the participating NGOs section of our website. The financial and legal documentation of every NGO is open to public and available for inspection at our office to donors.
Charity Aspect of SCMM in a nutshell:

  • All NGOs need to register with United Way of Mumbai and submit mandatory legal and financial documents as asked for in the registration form. These documents are available for donor inspection at our office. UWM conducts a due diligence process to ensure the bonafides of the registering NGO and provide assurance to donors on the credibility of the platform.
  • All participating NGOs are eligible to block a certain number of charity running spots (bibs) which they can utilize to raise funds for themselves. The availability of such bibs is mentioned on the online page of each NGO on this website.
  • Corporate Challenge (CC) is a category specially designed for companies who wish to sponsor employee teams to participate in the SCMM and raise funds for charity.
  • Dream team is a special category meant for those highly motivated individuals who feel passionately about a cause and commit to raise a substantial sum of funds towards their charity during the SCMM.
  • To know more in more detail:
    • Download the charity structure from the download section of our website. The charity structure outlines the entire charity process followed by UWM and the various categories through which participating NGOs can raise funds via the Marathon.

The charity docket is printed at the end of each year and captures and acknowledges the charity effort and result of the various charity categories of the year.

You can download the charity docket from the download section of this website.

In order to further assist NGOs in their endeavour towards raising funds for themselvesUnited Way of Mumbai has created the UWM charity community with the purpose of:

  • Getting announcements/updates from United Way of Mumbai
  • Connecting NGOs to people who want SCMM charity bibs
  • Capacity building of NGOs on fundraising and using technology to simplify day-to-day work.

Please click on to register for the community.