The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2014 (SCMM) got over within a few hours in the morning of 19th January 2014 but the life altering impact of the event continues to reverberate in the improved lives of the beneficiaries long after the event. As we bring the curtains down on this year's edition we would like to deeply thank you for your support and participation in this life transforming road race.

SCMM 2014 raised a record Rs 20.11 crores for 269 NGOs through the generosity of 171 companies, 1254 fundraisers and 14,742 donors.
The charity docket ( link: ) attempts to capture some of the extraordinary contributions and efforts that are behind the numbers and stand testimony to how the SCMM has transcended its sporting nature to become one of the most important philanthropy platform in the country and the world.

The SCMM is an opportunity for NGOs to not only build their resource mobilisation capacity but also more importantly an opportunity to build and nurture relationships with donors. At UWM we try with every edition to strengthen the charity platform with an effective structure and process but ultimately it is the participating NGOs, their supporters and fundraisers who craft and create these incredible figures.

As we begin work on the charity structure for SCMM 2015, do let us know how we can make this platform even bigger and better organised. Your ideas and suggestions would be invaluable to make this platform stronger. Our email id is

Look forward to have you on board for SCMM' 2015!

SCMM 2014 Winners