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Health & Income Generation

Food Security Project

This is a rural based project run in 3 states - Maharashtra, Gujarat & Andhra Pradesh - with assistance from United Way of Mumbai.

This deals with issues like:

  1. Use of biomass in agriculture as both fertilizers and pesticides helps improve the quality of the food crops.
  2. Growing 'azzola' as a fertilizer and food has a dual purpose - reducing input cost as it is grown in the backyard of the houses and therefore not required to be purchased, supplements and adds to the nutritive value when added to cattle fodder.
  3. Same dual purpose is achieved through the kitchen gardens wherein the people grow basic vegetables in the backyard. They can grow different vegetables depending on the season. This completely cuts their need to buy vegetables from the market and instead selling them to earn some money.
  4. Waste water management - Its usage in Kitchen Gardens & Agriculture Fields.
  5. Recycling of toilet & kitchen waste - By constructing soak pits.
  6. Training farmers in organic farming methods to curb the damage caused to the soil by chemical fertilizers and pesticides.