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Disaster Preparedness

This program is created with the aim to strengthening disaster preparedness plan for the city. A proper plan would ensure less loss of human lives and infrastructure during a calamity.

United Way-Mumbai Helpline has initiated a training programme for college youth and volunteers from Community Based Organizations in Mumbai. The training programme would include basic principles of disaster management, scope for disaster related action, basics in rescue operation and First Aid skills. The trainings will be conducted by especially trained personnel from NGOs and government agencies.

The Project will seek to provide two kinds of training programs:-

  • First Responder Training Program: This training program is of two to three hours and trains the participants in First Aid and Basic Life Saving skills.
  • Two Days Extensive Training in Disaster Management: There is in-depth knowledge provided about life saving exercises with practical tests conducted at the end of the course. The participants are trained on advanced life saving skills as well as fire fighting skills.

The participants would get volunteer badges and a list of such volunteers would be passed on to the local police and ward officers.

Safe Houses

A disaster (natural or manmade) can strike practically anytime, anywhere - cyclones, plane crash, floods, chemical spill, earthquake, tsunami, terrorist attack, etc. These emergencies are different, but they could have one crucial element in common: large numbers of people could be forced out of their homes with little warning. When a disaster forces people to evacuate, they need safe makeshift shelters. They may need to stay for only a few hours or few days or even weeks. There might be only a dozen families seeking help, or it could be an entire town. Some may be sick or have special needs, and there would be children. There needs to be easy access to food, water, a place to sleep and sanitation facilities. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has identified at least five safe houses in each of the 24 civic wards amounting to a total of 120 Safe Houses in the entire city of Mumbai. But, are these safe houses or emergency shelters appropriately equipped to accommodate a potentially large number of people for several days?

United Way Mumbai has attempted to address this question by approaching corporates to take on the responsibility of making these shelters operational.

  • A need assessment survey of the designated safe houses will be carried out
  • Checked if the shelters are aware of being selected as safe houses during disasters.
  • Preparing check lists containing essential information about safe houses, transportation, parking and drop-off facilities, accommodation, water-supply, power supply, food, sanitary supplies, fire-fighting system, facilities for the aged and disabled, etc.
  • Consultation with the local ward offices
  • Equipping the shelters with aid from the participating corporates.

Disaster Preparedness Reference Kit

A. Concept Note (Community Based Preparedness Kit)
B. Disaster Management Plan for Mumbai

  1. Disaster Management Action Plan
  2. Monsoon Disaster Plan

C. Disaster Management Act
D. Case Studies
E. DOs & DONTs in times of Disasters