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Disaster Response and Relief - Rehabilitation

Mumbai Disaster Response Fund was set up in response to the terror attacks in Mumbai in November 2008 with the following objectives:

  • Aid to the victims of the terror attack for long term relief and rehabilitation
  • Long term interventions for improving state of disaster preparedness in Mumbai city

United Way Mumbai Helpline provided aid to 5 victims of the terror attacks and their families based on a need assessment. This aid went beyond mere medical assistance. The aid was utilised for education and skill enhancement of victims or their family member to earn livelihood.

To enable long term improvements in disaster preparedness, the fund set up training programs for key stakeholders in an emergency situation: -

  • Over 3883 college students trained from colleges across the city
  • 376 Police Personnel from police stations across the city
  • 278 teaching and non-teaching municipal staff trained in First Responder Training program in safe house schools identified by MCGM in G-North, K-East, K-West and A Wards
  • 150 Porters and Shoe-Shiners of Dadar, Western, Andheri Stations trained in First Responder Training Program
  • 210 BEST personnel from Electricity and Operations department trained
  • 62 Community Health Volunteers in G-North ward
  • Representatives from 2 major hospitals were trained to address crucial aspects in the event of a disaster and based on the success of the program, UWMH intends to replicate this training in all major govt. and private hospitals in Mumbai

Disaster response and management trainings for various important stakeholders have resulted into community based disaster preparedness and increase in awareness related to disaster and response.

Youth for Healthy Mumbai

United Way Mumbai Helpline also embarked on a campaign to raise awareness about malaria from August - October 2010 to tackle the malaria epidemic that had hit the city. The campaign was a huge success - United Way Mumbai Helpline managed to reach out to total of 100 colleges spread across the city. Over 2300 students were trained as the Health Educators who then carried out more than 700 awareness drives in the vulnerable pockets in their neighborhoods' in close coordination with the local municipal ward officials. United Way Mumbai Helpline also supported MCGM by sponsoring printing of Campaign Collaterals including banners, placards, posters and pamphlets. Based on the success of the campaign, United Way Mumbai Helpline plans to carry out similar campaign prior to every monsoon for awareness generation on monsoon ailments by engaging these trained youth health educators.