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Corporate Ward Adoption Programme

Do you want to make a difference in the way the city functions?? Do you want to be a part of making the community around you a better, safer, cleaner and greener place?? Want to do your bit by helping out in crisis situations... but don't know how??? This is where we can help you...

United Way Mumbai Helpline's Corporate Ward Adoption Programme (CWAP) is an opportunity provided by us at United Way of Mumbai, for you to be involved with a systemic approach to work through public-private partnership on Mumbai's civic & environmental issues along with need for creation of community based disaster preparedness plans.

How did we start off......

It is a belief that many hands make light work. We at United Way Mumbai Helpline are of the same opinion. Only if various stakeholders come together and collectively tackle a problem, can a sustainable solution be arrived at.

Corporate Ward Adoption Program (CWAP) is the umbrella program of United Way Mumbai Helpline. Corporates are invited to adopt one each of Mumbai's 24 wards. The Corporate commits financial support to series of programs and activities for improving the state of civic issues and the state of disaster preparedness of the ward adopted. The project offers the much needed forum for various community stakeholders to interact with each other and mobilize collective action towards clean, green and safe environment at ward level to attain the shared vision of making Mumbai a better place to live in.

The city is divided in 24 administrative wards. The size of each of these wards is very large in terms of area and population and there is not sufficient infrastructure with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai to reach out to the needs of all the citizens. Average ward size is 10 sq. km. with average population of nearly 7.5 lacs per ward.

The value proposition of Corporate Ward Adoption Program is to present a live and working on-ground full-time network and secretariat at the ward level which works with multiple stakeholders in creating a disaster readiness plan as well as at a non-disaster time addressing other local civic issues which will have an impact on the overall well- being of the city and its citizens. The

The Multi Stakeholder Partnerships through CWAP will provide the much needed platform and create the glue for bringing together community stakeholders to communicate with each other and mobilize collective action at a ward level to attain the shared vision of making Mumbai a safer and better place to live.

In an attempt to address both the issues of disaster preparedness and state of cleanliness of Mumbai; United Way Mumbai Helpline's- Corporate Ward Adoption Program has been expanded to include the Clean-Up Mumbai campaign of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

The campaign encompasses:

  • Provision of additional facilities for cleanliness
  • Education of masses and awareness generation
  • Enforcement of byelaws by fining offenders with the help of clean- up Marshals

Thus, the campaign is aimed at inducing a "Culture of Cleanliness" among the citizens. And in the process it envisions to achieve the larger goal of making Mumbai clean, beautiful and a world class city. At the same time, the campaign also expects significant amount of active participation and cooperation from the citizens and civil society groups through participation in awareness campaigns and auditing the performance of the campaign at ward level.


  • Corporate Ward Adoption Program (CWAP) is the first attempt of developing a systematic professional approach at creating a dynamic platform to bring together various stakeholders in each ward.
  • CWAP will provide that essential glue to hold together various disparate efforts with regard to civic issues redressal being carried out in the ward
  • To create an active and effective network on the ground that will act as a key tool in disaster preparedness
    • Inviting leading corporates based in Mumbai to adopt ONE MUNICIPAL WARD each

Salient features of CWAP

  1. Sustainable
  2. Scalable
  3. Works very closely with community
  4. Result oriented and professional
  5. Not dependent on voluntary efforts alone

Why should you get involved

  • You would be able to build a relationship with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) and Mumbaikars through public-private partnership on CWAP.
  • CWAP iterates the position of your organization as a socially responsible corporate citizen.
  • Significant branding *
  • You can support the communities in which you operate.
  • Intrinsically link yourself to local community life.
  • Your chance to give back to the city what it has given you!
    * within MCGM and government guidelines

How can a Corporate Support us

You could adopt a ward, which entails becoming a key stakeholder, strategizing and funding CWAP activities for at least 3 continuous years, to see tangible results in the adopted ward. Support extending for a further two years will enable United Way Mumbai to handover the Corporate Ward Adoption Center to a local college, corporate or NGO.

The programs and activities under CWAP provide enormous opportunities for employee engagement. Besides CWAP, United Way - Mumbai helpline also offers some specific short-term projects, the details of which are on our Program section.

While implementing CWAP in a ward, we do not limit the projects that can be funded in the ward to the adopting corporate. Other Corporates who have office premises in the ward are also encouraged to fund individual standalone like a Dry Waste Recycling Center or Adopt A Garden or a Vermi Compost pit in a slum. For more details on these please check the links in the Programs section.

Additionally, we also invite shopkeepers, High Net worth Individuals, restaurants and clubs from the ward and city in general to participate.