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Adopt a train station

Railway Stations are an important community place with almost 6 million people using it everyday. Most people undoubtedly visit the railway station at least two times a day if not more and this definitely includes your employees too! For a place that is used so frequently the cleanliness and hygiene conditions leave much to be desired. Our Adopt a Train Station project invites your organization to be involved with such an important community mechanism in Mumbai and impact its conditions. Come, do your bit and offer millions of commuters a more healthy, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing experience.

How can you be a part of this?

  • Being present at the station and spreading awareness.
  • Cleaning activities and campaigns
  • Installation of dustbins.
  • Maintenance of toilets at stations for a year.
  • Offer sustained cleanliness with additional cleaning staff and sophisticated cleaning equipments.

What we hope to achieve

  • Creating a relationship between various stakeholders associated with cleanliness on railway stations.
  • Leveraging this relationship to identify various cleanliness requirements of the stations.
  • Bridge the cleanliness gap. Cleanliness as a basic minimum, not an option.
  • Impact the Railways policy to give cleanliness standards a pre-eminent place in planning and budgetary allocations.

What do you stand to gain?

  • Establishes your organization as a good corporate citizen concerned about the environment, cleanliness, hygiene and community issues.
  • Improves the lives of your employees, many of whom use train stations. The quality and cleanliness of these stations has a bearing on the productivity and overall morale of the people traveling on the system.
  • Opportunities for Employee engagement and Days of Caring etc.
  • Goodwill and a sense of pride among your employees many of whom use train stations.
    • This provides an important Corporate Social Responsibility for you to initiate and make an impact on the lives of lakhs of people who use train stations.
  • Visibility and branding opportunities *
    *(As per the guidelines of Railway authorities.)